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  • Press Release Writing and Distribution

    Press Release Writing & Distribution


    ✓ Professionally Written Press Release (Value $299)
    ✓ Guaranteed Publication On 250+ News Sites, including ABC, CW, Fox & NBC * (Value $399)
    ✓ Social Media & Blog Outreach (Value $199)
    ✓ Email Blast To Industry Professionals (Value $199)
    ✓ Full Report With Published Links
    ✓ 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

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  • YouTube Video Promotion

    YouTube Video Promotion


    ✓ Increase the popularity of your YouTube video with our Done-For-You Google Ads campaign.
    ✓ Boost your visibility, credibility and video rankings.
    ✓ Leverage the Google Ad Network to help you connect with the right viewers.
    ✓ 100% compliant with YouTube’s TOS.
    ✓ Track everything directly in YouTube Analytics.

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  • Spotify Collaborative Playlist Placement

    Spotify Collaborative Playlist Placement


    Promote your song on 404+ collaborative playlists. Increase your chances of being noticed by curators and going viral on a major playlist.

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  • Meta Ads Campaign


    ✓ Leverage the world’s most popular social network to explode your fanbase on Spotify and Apple Music
    ✓ Get a continuous stream of real listeners on autopilot, so you can focus on making more music
    ✓ Create global awareness about your music in your genre, ensuring  you get the attention you deserve
    ✓ Get your music heard by a never ending-pool of interested listeners ready to discover new music
    ✓ Track everything directly in Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists.

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  • Placeholder

    Done For You Music Lyric Video


    An affordable and creative way to attract more viewers, boost engagement and be remembered.

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  • Music Mastering


    Improve your sound through Equalization, Tonal Correction, Compression Dynamics, Stereo Width & Widening, Loudness Maximization, Eliminate or reduce errors, Bring out the right instruments or vocals in the best amounts.

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  • Artist Biography writing

    Artist Biography


    Attract publicity through your straight-to-the-point bio, which features your key strengths and musical roots. Tell your unforgettable story through a professional write up that makes you stands out above the competition.

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