Spotify Collaborative Playlist Placement


Promote your song on 404+ collaborative playlists. Increase your chances of being noticed by curators and going viral on a major playlist.

This strategy is not so much for the plays alone. Instead, it spreads your brand everywhere on Spotify, which increases your chance of being noticed by curators and people running the playlists… and you’re working the algorithms.

One of the most important metrics to determine how successful an artist will be on Spotify is the number of times their music has been added to playlists. When you are added to a playlist, this is called a DATA POINT in the computer algorithms that surface your song higher to the editorial team for a chance to be on a more prominent playlist.

Once your music begins to perform well through collaborative playlists, the algorithm may begin to suggest your songs to the in-house editorial team. That’s the real path to getting a song onto a major playlist and gaining huge exposure.

Playlists are various genres mixed playlists. Your song will stay on the playlists for up to 1 month. Please allow up to 10 business days for completion. You will receive a report with links to all the playlists that your track was added to.

* Note: The Spotify Playlist Placement is for one (1) track. It takes 25 unique listeners per playlist to show on your Spotify dashboard.

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